Special Event

Lantern House Festival

Akasawa Village Yamanashi, has traditional festival “The thousands of lantern festival”. In 2018, we held traditional Japanese painting works on the sliding window doors on an old inn house, and then the house looked as if like a huge picture lantern in the night.

 In order to create the lantern pictures, local neighbourhood children joined and cooperated. As a result, it was really fruitful event from communicational point of view.

 Scene of process. at the beginning point, children had struggled to use carbon ink (traditional SUMI ink) though. Afterwards, they went on smoothly, once they got used.

Solo Exhibition in AKASAWA Village

In AKASAWA Village, several traditional inn houses from medieval era, can be seen. There is a rest house named “SHIMIZU-YA” has well preserved medieval appearance. My solo exhibition took place at the corner of the house. I found and realized, it was obviously different experience to hold a series of painting works from ones at art museums and gallery in urban areas such as Tokyo. It was really good opportunity for me to review and rethink how I should do for exhibitions.