Forthcoming Exhibitions

Yamanashi in Spring Huge Japanese painting works

■Date; March 20th (Sat) 2021 – May 9th (Sun) 9:30-16:00 Mon closed

■Venue; Nezu Memorial Museum Yamanashi

■Theme; In the Spring, cherry and peach blossoms fully bloom and make absolutely breathtaking view in the whole part of the KOFU Basin. Making good use of this opportunity, Mr. Masatsugu Ito and I will hold bunch of huge painting works in the traditional Japanese styled mansion with well designed garden and also Mt. Fuji. I hope you come and enjoy!

Solo Exhibition at ABENO-HARUKAS Osaka

■Date; June 9th (Thu) 2021 – 15th (Wed) or June 30th (Thu) 2021 – July 6th (Wed) So far not fixed yet.

■Venue; ABENO-HARUKAS Osaka 11F Art Gallery

■Theme; Nostalgic landscapes, we might have in our memory. This time, I especially focus on Kansai Region making good use of this location.

Solo Exhibition at KEIO Plaza Hotel Shinjuku

■Date; November 11th (Thu) – 19th (Fri)

■Venue; KEIO Plaza Hotel Shinjuku 3F Robby Gallery

■Theme; This gallery comprises definitely broad spaces to show. I will hold a 5.4m long so huge painting work with image of Mt. Fuji, as the main piece of this exhibition. And consists of more than 40 pieces of painting works and drawings which have been created in the recent years.